Teeth Whitening Events/Parties

 Teeth whitening events or parties are a great way to get a group of family, friends or co-workers  together for a

 fun afternoon or evening.

Once the consent forms have been completed we will begin your teeth whitening experience with our World's 

Best Practice Teeth Whitening Technologies and unique LED teeth whitening system.


We require a minimum of 4 paying guests plus yourself for a whitening party.


Great for employee appreciation, bachloette parties, weddings, families, churches, fun-raisers etc.

Pre-payment by way of credit card or cash!


If you have 8 paying guests plus yourself then your treatment is COMPLETELY FREE!


Don't forget to stay away from dark coloured foods and drinks for 24 hours after your treatment to maximize 

your whitening potential.

 Remember, you can have your teeth whitened 4 times per year safely, so you always have an excuse to get your

friends together for another party and you'll all have beautiful smiles!

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Call or Text (940) 535-8773

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